Session: #555

Theme & Session Format

Theories and methods in archaeological sciences
Session format:
Discussion session: This session will combine 9 to 10 short presentations (20min. and discussions), case studies and practical exercise about how to use CIDOC CRM in archaeology

Title & Content

Using CIDOC CRM for archaeologists: from theory to concrete practices
Modelizing archaeological data is a way for archaeologists to organise their information in a standard format by reconsidering their relations to their activities on field and out of it. But for most of archaeologists, using a conceptual reference model, such as CIDOC CRM, is not an easy exercise without initial assistance and teaching. We propose to present as most as simply as possible what is CIDOC CMR as major conceptual reference model useable in archaeology, and the only one standardized. This session offers to non-experts to discover basic principles of CIDOC CRM and being able to start using it for a representative archaeological data set.
The session will combine general presentations on CIDOC CRM and its useful extensions in archaeology, case studies and practical exercises.
CIDOC, conceptual model, ontology, RDF
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Main organiser:
Research Engineer Christophe TUFFERY (France) 1
George Bruseker (Greece) 2
1. Inrap
2. ICS/Foundation for Research and Technology