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Archaeology and the European Year of Cultural Heritage
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Session, made up of a combination of papers, max. 15 minutes each

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Non-invasive applications in research and heritage management strategies in Central and Eastern European Archaeology
Non-invasive prospection is an indispensable element of archaeological research and is also an important component of cultural resource management strategies. In many countries various approaches have been developed to record, monitor and evaluate archaeological resources using a wide palette of prospection techniques: field-walking, aerial photography, ALS and geophysics.
Despite numerous successful applications in European research projects and heritage schemes seem to undervalue their potential. This problem is particularly evident in Central and Eastern European countries where due to different rhythm of political, historical and economic factors the application of non-invasive methods still raises questions and concerns about availability, cost or effectiveness. Their implementation into a standard practice is at best sluggish.
The aim of this session is to discuss the role of non-invasive methods in recognizing and documenting archaeological sites in a Central and Eastern European background. The goal is not to present survey results but rather to be the backbone for a broader discussion on their implications and implementations. From speakers we would expect thoughts on the current status of non-invasive archeology in particular in light of heritage protection systems, analysis of the most frequently encountered problems and solutions.
The geographical focus is due to different progression of non-invasive research implementation and appreciation in the former Iron Curtain divide. This session´s intention is however to be a prelude to a broad international discussion and an opportunity to exchange experiences, trends and milestones in search for support of permanent and fully recognized procedures in archaeology.
non-invasive, geophysics, prospection, cultural heritage
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Main organiser:
MA Maksym Mackiewicz (Poland) 1
MA Piotr Wroniecki (Poland) 2
MA Tomáš Tencer (Czech Republic) 3
1. Foundation
2. independent researcher
3. Department of Archaeology and Museology, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic