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Archaeological theory and methods beyond paradigms
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Regular session

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Unveiling Invisibility: Exploring Knowledge, Interdisciplinarity and Identity through the Histories of Archaeological Collections
Archaeological collections are invaluable sources for reconstructing different aspects of the histories of archaeology. The study of archival documents, publications and newspaper articles related to the constitution and later evolution of such collections brings us insights into the development of archaeological theory and practice, the emergence of interdisciplinarity, as well as into the production and circulation of scientific knowledge across time. It also reveals the potential and role of archaeological collections in identity construction, and in shaping various types of networks and power relationships within the discipline of archaeology.
This session aims to unveil the invisible stories behind both private and public archaeological collections in Europe and beyond, from the nineteenth to the twentieth century. We welcome papers that explore topics such as the agendas and ideologies behind collecting, researching and exhibiting archaeological objects and collections; the scientific narratives built around collections; the contribution of collections to the evolution of archaeological interpretations and to fostering pluri- and interdisciplinary collaborations and investigations; the role(s) of collections in the production, transfer and exchange of knowledge, as well as in building local, regional and national identities. We would also like to encourage discussions about the hierarchies and networks (e.g., social, academic) that were formed around collections between locals, collectors, amateurs, and professionals, in addition to their involvement in the birth and development of archaeological societies and museums.
Following the EAA2018 session “Archaeology and interdisciplinarity & interdisciplinarity in archaeology: stories of a long and diversified journey (19th-21st centuries)”, this proposal also aims to get a broader and more detailed picture of some aspects of the research project ‘InterArq-Archaeology and Interdisciplinarity’.
Archaeological collections, Invisible stories, Interdisciplinarity, Identities, History of archaeology
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Main organiser:
Ana Cristina Martins (Portugal) 1,2
Laura Coltofean (Spain) 3,2
Agnès Garcia-Ventura (Spain) 4
Margarita Díaz-Andreu (Spain) 5,2
1. Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia / Instituto de HistóriaContemporânea-CEHFCi-UÉ-FCSH-Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, Portugal
2. InterArq Project, Universitat de Barcelona, Spain
3. Universitat de Barcelona, Spain
4. Juan de la Cierva-Incorporación, IPOA-Universitat de Barcelona, Spain
5. ICREA and Universitat de Barcelona, Spain