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# Title
66 Archaeological Investigation in Synthetic Worlds: Practical Applications of Theory and Method view
81 Political Matters in Prehistory: Papers in Honor of Antonio Gilman Guillén view
82 Islamicate Archeology in Europe: past, present and future [MERC] view
91 Continuity and Transformation in Western Mediterranean Communities during the First Millennium BCE view
92 Interpreting and Understanding the Past through Medieval Small Finds [MERC] view
96 Forum Medieval Archaeology (MERC): The mediterranean as connection and gateway in the Middle Ages. [MERC] view
101 Understanding activity patterns of animals: methods, applications, and human-animal relationships view
110 Disentangling human from natural factors: taphonomical value of microanatomical features on archaeological wood and charcoal assemblages view
121 Children at work view
130 Elite Settlement in the Countryside of Early Medieval Europe (5th-10th centuries AD): Challenging Assumptions and New Directions [MERC] view
136 The Interpretation and Presentation of Archaeological and Cultural Heritage Sites: New Trends and Transnational Perspectives view
148 Modeling the Spread of Agriculture: The Application of Computational Modeling Techniques to the Neolithic Transition view
150 Museum Presentation in a challenged world [MERC] view
151 Boundary bodies: Critically thinking the body in contemporary (osteo)archaeology view
152 Collapse or transformation? Comparative perspectives from Africa and beyond [SAfA] view
154 Manipulated bodies: Case studies of post-mortem interactions with human remains view
170 AGE EAA Session on “Gender and Colonialism” view
172 Mediating proxies and choice in a Stone Age world view
183 Out of the Past into the Future – Professional Cohesion through Diversity [CIfA] view
184 Perspectives on things, people and places AD 1500-2018 [MERC] view
188 Outside Influences. Expressions through portable material culture in later prehistory. view
192 The “Geospatial Turn”: Critical Approaches to Geospatial Technologies in Archaeological Research view
197 Harbours and routes of the Eastern Mediterranean during the Bronze Age and Early Iron Age view
199 What we are learning from experimental archaeology? view
200 Entrepreneurs and Merchants in the Late Bronze Age – Early Iron Age Mediterranean view
201 Rethinking time in (contemporary) archaeological context. view
207 Theoretical approaches to techno-behaviours during the Middle Stone Age (Africa)/Middle Palaeolithic (Europe) [SAfA] view
208 To your health! Tracing health in urban environments in medieval Northern Europe. [MERC] view
211 Rock & Ritual: caves, shelters and stones in the Ancient Mediterranean view
223 Anthropomorphism in material culture and landscape: Approaching a fundamental of human cognition view
224 Bioarchaeological approaches towards understanding diet and subsistence, and their role in the formation of early societies view
245 Issues on the archaeology of Jewish cemeteries: urban development, heritage preservation and risk management [MERC] view
247 Gateway or Endpoint: Scandinavian Contacts from the Third to First Millennium BC view
248 Controls and uncertainties in creating Sr isotope biosphere maps for migration studies. view
254 Mobility and Culture Change during Transitional Periods in and around the Alpine Region view
258 Transforming peatlands. Change and continuity reflected through prehistoric and historic sites in fens and bogs view
259 Beyond the farmlands: wild resources in the past of Central and Northern Europe view
263 Precious materials and fine metal work in the European Iron Age – function, aesthetic and technology view
265 Leaving No Stone Unturned: What Archaeology Means to Unsustainable Urban Growth view
266 Public participation in European Archaeology: the legal framework view
275 Human-made environments – The development of landscapes as resource assemblages view
279 Pirenne vs. Glass: The contribution of archaeological and archaeometric glass analysis to the study of early medieval long-distance trade networks [MERC] view
302 Gendered, diverse, inclusive archaeological museums? Proposals and experiences for a more equal approach to heritage view
305 Deploying the Dead II: Dead Bodies and Social Transformations [MERC] view
312 Ancient pottery in Central Asia: large scale perspective on the production systems and the cultural interactions view
316 Perspectives of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellows in the Archaeological and Cultural Heritage Fields view
322 The origins of sound-making, singing and music. The archaeoacoustics of early humans view
325 Inhumations and cemeteries during the Neolithic: a comparative approach from Central to the South of Europe view
335 Strategies of obsidian procurement, knapping and use in the first farming societies from the Caucasus to the Mediterranean view
344 Paving the way for archaeologically informed palaeo-population genetics: Incorporating archaeological information in paleogenomic research, and vice versa. view
347 Complex biographies: high-resolution chronological methods applied to the study of Late prehistoric funerary palimpsests view
353 Archaeoacoustics - discussing sound in archaeological contexts view
357 In the shadow of the Roman Empire: Contact, influence and change outside the Roman Limes view
358 Glaze production technology in the medieval and post-medieval Mediterranean [MERC] view
363 Human, Posthuman, Transhuman Digital Archaeologies view
368 Archaeology of Movement view
370 Artefact reporting, science and selection [CIfA] view
371 Hashtag Scicomm: Communicating Archaeology and cultural heritage in a post-factual age. view
372 Frontiers of motion? Borderlands as zones of communication and mobility view
375 Exploring the potential of palynology in archaeological contexts view
376 Trade and circulation of animals and plants in the Mediterranean basin through time: new bioarchaeological insights view
377 Urbanization in Iberia and Mediterranean Gaul in the first millennium BC view
382 Communication Uneven: Acceptance of and Resistance to Foreign Influences in the connected Ancient Mediterranean view
384 The self-organization of archaeologists in Europe: roles and needs, responsibilities and legitimacy [CIfA] view
385 Moving forward through a new gendered funerary archaeology. Current research and new perspectives on differences and inequality in prehistoric societies. view
388 El Argar and the European Bronze Age – Rise and fall of the first state society in the western Mediterranean view
389 Does the "domesticated landscape" have a special isotopic signature? view
392 The “island laboratory” revisited: integrating environmental and socio-cultural approaches view
397 Modelling the past: Crisis of ideas in modern archaeology? view
399 Culture Contact in the Greek Mediterranean view
400 The future of rock art – Documentation, research, and outreach view
407 Archaeological biomolecules from museum specimens: striking a balance between curation and destructive sampling view
409 How to beat the Barbarians? Roman practice to encounter new threats (1st-5th century AD) view
413 Re-thinking medieval and early modern pestilences from a biosocial perspective: advanced methods and renewed concepts in archaeological sciences [MERC] view
419 Magic in Prehistory view
420 Sensitivity and resilience of human communities to coastal environmental changes during the Early to Mid-Holocene view
426 Querns and mills in Mediterranean Antiquity: tradition and innovation during the First millennium BC view
429 Current approaches to tells and tell-like sites in the prehistoric Old World view
431 Elite culture in medieval and post-medieval archaeology [MERC] view
432 From data description to historical explanation in archaeological spatial analysis: integrating geostatistical methodology and social theoretical models view
438 Not only use: application of functional methods for a better comprehension of operative chains view
440 Anthropic activity markers: archaeology and ethnoarchaeology view
442 Pan-disciplinary research and the future role for archaeology view
449 Temporality and relationality in place-making view
452 The Intersections of Memory and Rock Art: Towards a Multidisciplinary Approach [CIfA] [SAfA] view
460 Sea-pathways: Neolithic on littoral environments view
464 Divergent lifeways: Tracing socio-cultural and economic variability within the Mediterranean and Balkan Neolithic view
467 Disaster-led archaeology: anticipations and responses to heritage-impacting catastrophes view
477 The Archaeology of Climate Change in the Past and Present view
480 Research on archaeological practices and knowledge work in the digital environment view
481 Traditional and (alternative) new media: different ways to communicate upon Archaeology view
482 Meaningful places: integrating theories, methods and scientific techniques in the archaeological study of a dwelling place view
483 Roads of the North. Medieval and early modern infrastructure of travel and exchange in the far north [MERC] view
485 Transforming Infrastructures: Socio-environmental Dimensions of Site and Settlement Pattern Changes view
487 “Scaling” challenges faced by first Mesolithic societies: technological changes at the beginning of the Holocene view
490 Navigating in a Sea of Data. Trade in the Ancient Mediterranean view
492 From Excavation to Sedimentation: The Multiproxy and Biomolecular Environmental Revolution in Archaeology view
493 Technology and Archaeobotany of plant-based crafts view
495 Methodological advances in Coastal and Maritime Archaeology view
498 Fishing for Knowledge in a Sea of Data view
499 Towards An Archaeology of Making view
500 Outcast Architecture: Unusual buildings and unusual building view
501 Storage structures and storage goods from the Neolithic to the Iron Age: archaeological, archaeobotanical and ethnographic perspectives view
502 Earthen architecture and habitation sites: building ways of life in prehistory. view
506 Archaeology of rock-hewn sites and quarries: people, stones and landscapes view
508 Urban archaeology on the agenda: starting an EAA Community for Urban Archaeology view
510 From central space to urban place. Theories, methods and models for analyzing processes of urbanization in a European perspective [MERC] view
512 Exploring the Presentation and Interpretation of Prehistory in Museum Displays view
513 Bridging Oceans and Theoretical Approaches to Lithic Analysis view
514 The destructive, non-destructive, and non-invasive: (Bio)archaeological sciences, and narrating the body in the ancient Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East view
515 Building story structures - Early monumentalism in Neolithic Europe view
518 Are we getting the message across? An assessment of public outreach in archaeology view
519 Mediterranean cultural diffusion in Prehistory view
520 Archaeometallurgy in the 21st century view
521 The Mediterranean in the North: the material evidence of distant contacts, AD 1000–1800 [MERC] view
522 The making of Adriatic and Ionian seascapes. Interpreting seaborne social and economic interactions during late Prehistory view
527 Water mentalities. Archaeological clues to changes in water management during the middle ages view
531 New and interdisciplinary approaches in research into the hunter-fisher-gatherer Stone Age on the eastern shores of the Baltic view
532 Textiles in Ancient Iconography view
535 From Public Archaeology to Public Humanities: time for a more transdisciplinary approach? view
536 Urban Geoarchaeology [MERC] view
540 Approaches to Medieval Buildings: the past, present, and future of interpretation and management [MERC] view
550 Current Research into the Archaeology of the Baltic Region view
551 The Western Mediterranean Sea: a crossroad of objects, humans and ideas view
552 The Malta Convention: The time to change is now view
555 Using CIDOC CRM for archaeologists: from theory to concrete practices view
558 Wetlands vs. Drylands? Challenging divides and changing archaeological perspectives on prehistoric wetland sites, landscapes and societies view
561 Archaeological indicators for the identification of medieval Jewish populations [MERC] view
562 Comparative Microregional Research in Bronze Age Central and Eastern Europe: Theories, Methods and Future Perspectives view
565 Ecclesiastical landscapes in Medieval Europe. A comparative approach [MERC] view
566 Tales of isotopes from Iberia: past, present and future perspectives view
567 The Third Dimension. Animal representations in the past. view
568 Food and Drink in Archaeology: multidisciplinary approaches to past food practices (part 1) [MERC] [SAfA] view
571 What haven’t you found? 'Blank areas' and the value of negative evidence view
574 Suburbia and rural landscapes in Medieval Sicily view
576 Climate Change and Heritage (CCH) view
582 URBAN BIOARCHAEOLOGY: consumption and trade in Roman and medieval towns view
583 Non-invasive applications in research and heritage management strategies in Central and Eastern European Archaeology view
584 Mapping Historical Narratives: The Power of Alternative Geovisualisation and Methods in Artefact Survey view
592 Pathways to the Neolithic in Europe: Tracing the rhythm and spread of Neolithisation view
595 On site, between sites: multi-scalar networks and assemblages from social theory to formal analysis view
596 Teeth are amazing! The contribution of dental anthropology in reconstructing lifestyles, social behaviors, health and diet in the past view
597 Exploring the potential of dental calculus for reconstructing the past view
599 Interdisciplinary Approaches to Early Medieval Transitions [MERC] view
600 Advancing archaeological synthesis: Using the past to benefit the future view
602 For future reference: understanding the city, (re)presentations of the urban landscape and the past-as-present view
603 Alibi Archaeologies: Excavating in Archives, Museums and Storerooms view
604 Dwelling on the shore: water-level changes in wetland environments view
605 Training Archaeologists for Transnational Mobility (Annual Round Table of the EAA Committee on the Teaching and Training of Archaeologists) [CIfA] view
609 From Local to Global Land Use in the Holocene view
611 (National) perspectives on the significance and effects of the International Cultural Tourism Charter. From Theory to Practice in Archaeological Tourism view
612 Transdisciplinary and participative approaches to Cultural Landscapes [MERC] view
614 Environment, food production and lifestyle in Bronze Age Europe view
618 Procurement and distribution of siliceous rocks in the light of geochemical and petrographic analysis in archaeology view
619 Public space in later prehistoric Europe view
623 Beyond Ramparts, Walls and Ditches: New Perspectives on the European Hillforts view
625 The bioarchaeology of landscapes view
627 Cross the Streams. Multiproxy approaches to demography and population dynamics. view
628 The past and future of hillforts – challenges, chances, perspectives view
630 Advancing global rock art as an archaeological and a community resource view
631 African cosmopolitans: the Horn of Africa and the world (1st-20th centuries AD) [SAfA] view
634 Lived Ancient Religion in North Africa view
635 Creating foodscapes in colonial and imperial contexts: food, cuisines and food environments in glocal perspectives view
636 Conservation issues and preventive measures in open-air rock art sites view
638 Making the Case: collating and using evidence on the value of rural heritage to influence EU and domestic policy [CIfA] view
639 The value of objects in medieval rural settlement [MERC] view
646 What's the Use? Using artefacts found by private metal detecting for Research, Outreach, and Exhibition view
647 New tools and practices used to improve the understanding of archaeological heritage in urban context view
648 Who’s counting? Exploring new avenues for a unified quantification framework of archaeological data in material studies view
651 European projects in America : past, present and future view
652 Understanding change during the Upper Palaeolithic and Mesolithic view
653 Beyond the stereotype – the diversity of Beaker burials view
655 Rock art and archaeological science – Exploring methodological adaptations, innovations and limitations view
657 Boundaries and Regions in Iron Age (Celtic) and Romano-Celtic Religions view
660 Engaging the public. The impact of volunteers in archaeological outreach view
661 Late Glacial and Postglacial Population History and Cultural Transmission in Iberia view
662 The soul of replicants: from Altamira to Blade Runner? Tribute to José Antonio Las Heras view
663 Archaeological Data Clinic. Personalised consulting to get the best of your data. view
664 Mediterranean Islands out of the Stream: Comparing Islands Across Time view
665 Bronze Age Transformation Processes in Europe – Changes and Their Triggers in Archaeological and Ecological Records view
667 The eighth century BC – a turning point? view
668 Field systems, centuriations and the shaping of Cultural Landscapes: integrated and long-term analysis view
672 CAA @ EAA: Computational Models in Archaeology view
674 Archaeology for all: social impact of archaeological research in collectives with social and special needs and newcomers view
676 Land use in Africa: New methods, perspectives, and data challenges [SAfA] view
677 Communities, environment and resources: the structuration of cultural landscapes in prehistoric Sicily and the central Mediterranean basin view
678 Exploring future methods for understanding the past within Large Scale Infrastructure Projects view
679 Medieval Non-Places: Sites of Transience in the Medieval World [MERC] view
684 At the interface: Investigating coupled human and natural system from natural scientific and archaeological perspective. Challenges and opportunities view
686 Silver, status and society - transition from late Roman to Early Medieval Europe [MERC] view
687 Revamping value(s): on the destruction of value during the Bronze and Iron Age in Europe and the Mediterranean view
688 “The head and the hand”: skills, learning and knowledge in prehistoric productions view
689 The Archaeology and heritage of saltscapes: the synergy of environment and culture view
690 Woodland archaeology: approaches, methods, current problems and future perspectives view
692 Cultural heritage in modern conflicts view
694 Preventive conservation and valorization of archaeological heritage: open issues and best practices view
696 Re-thinking "interaction" in Iron Age Europe: comparing research traditions to explore alternative ways to interpret archaeological data view
698 Just Add Water and Mix: Heritage and climate change - challenges and novel approaches view
699 Can we develop a European network of linked research agendas? view
700 Re-approaching identity in archaeology view
703 Repressed bodies as a research theme: archaeology, memory and political uses view
706 Art as material culture view
708 Data-driven chronology view
709 Raw materials sourcing and exploitation in mountain regions: resource-human-landscape dynamics from Prehistory to Historical periods view
713 The fourth and third century BC - a Pan-European turning point view
715 Archaeologies of Unfree Labor in Europe and the Mediterranean view
721 Connections and concurrencies: The global turn in historical archaeology and future challenges in European historical archaeology. [MERC] view
723 Creating Reproducible Research. New developments in computational and quantitative methods view
724 Engendering strategies for the dissemination in archaeological sites and museum view
725 The EU EIA Directives and Archaeology: what have we learnt and where next? view
726 Farming under the Crescent moon: archaeological insights into the medieval ‘Islamic Green Revolution’ [MERC] view
730 Moundscapes in the Digital Era: Data acquisition, analysis and interpretation of past funerary landscapes through geospatial technologies view
731 Music Archaeology: Recent Trends and Future Challenges view
732 Archaeological education beyond archaeology: looking at the cultural and social relevance of research view
736 Dairy and Pastoralism in Archaeology view
738 From corruption to connection and back. New archaeological insights in the Mediterranean seascapes view
739 Reflections on archaeological tourism in the Mediterranean area view
740 Glocal Identities - Different Values of Cultural Heritage Sites view
742 South-Eastern Anatolia at a crossroads: a multicultural Mediterranean area from the Hellenistic to the Early Byzantine period view
744 The Women Dimension in Archaeology: Between Politics and Social Constrains. view
745 Grave Good Biographies of Pre-Metallurgical European Societies view
747 Archaeology of Visigothic and Carolingian Europe (5th-9th Centuries) [MERC] view
748 ‘Archaeology and…’ - Inter-disciplinary working in planning and design view
749 From Strategies to Practice in the Protection and Promotion of Archaeological Landscapes view
750 Ancient and Medieval harbours – gateways between cultures and communities. view
754 Integrative approaches to the study of animal husbandry, plant resource management and their impact on the landscape view
756 The light fantastic: the archaeology of illumination view
758 Human-Water interconnections in the dry environments of the Near East and Central Asia view
760 ‘...In with the New!': The future of archaeological research in Medieval Europe [MERC] view
761 Why ancient lipid analyses in archaeology? A discussion aimed at widening the archaeologist interpretation toolset. view
763 Cultural Property: from looting and illegal trade to restitution view
765 Know your place: defining the role of geophysics in development-led archaeology view
767 Risk preparedness in archaeological practice and theory view
769 Archaeology of material culture and territory within the Iberian colonial empires (15th-18th centuries) view
770 Sustainable tourism in World Heritage landscapes: problems and potentials view
771 Archaeology & Anarchistic Thought – Theoretical Stands and Direct Action? view
773 Documenting Endangered Heritage Sites view
774 The missing woodland resources: approaches to the technological use of plant raw materials view
776 Heritage management in the 21st Century: where is it heading? State Agencies, NGOs, Charities or independent organisations? view
778 Examining the different approaches, theories, and methodology both culturally and in the application of European Commercial Field Archaeology. [CIfA] view
779 Boyne to Brodgar: researching Neolithic monumentality in Ireland and northern Britain view
780 Archaeological uncertainty; a journey through the ruins of a discipline view
782 The value of lithic raw materials in defining prehistoric social territories view
787 Issues in Mediterranean Seascapes: from the Terminal Pleistocene to the Early-Middle Holocene – exotics, social interactions and environment view
788 Textile Iconography from Europe and Asia view
789 Food and Drink in Archaeology: multidisciplinary approaches to past food practices (part 2) [MERC] [SAfA] view
790 Insigts in Archaeology Today view
791 Funerary ritual along Holocene period view
797 International Cooperation in Archaeology and Heritage and the World Bank’s Engagement in Cultural Heritage Management view